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General Knowledge is important section in all Central and State Government recruitments, to analyse GK preparations and prepare the content, General Knowledge (GK) Practice tests been provided, Attend now and check your scores

Practice Test 

GK - Practice Test


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According to the Brand Finance 2022 Global 500 report which brand has emerged as the world’s most valuable brand in 2022?

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How much is the projected GDP growth rate of India in FY22 as per IMF’s latest world economic outlook?

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Who was conferred with the Assam’s highest civilian honour ‘Assam Baibhav’ for the year 2021?

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International Customs Day (ICD) is marked annually on which day?

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Which Tiger Reserve has been given the prestigious TX2 award after its tiger numbers doubled to 80 since 2010

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 Which of the following Indian classical dance is associated with late Milena Salvini of France?

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In which year was the National Common Mobility Card introduced in India?

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Former Indian Team Captain Charanjit Singh was related to which sports?

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Which ministry has released the comic book titled ‘India’s Women Unsung Heroes’?

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Every year Data Privacy Day is celebrated on which day?

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Name the author of the new book titled “A Little Book of India: Celebrating 75 years of Independence”?

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In Which country the world’s largest canal lock situated?

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What is the name of the official mobile app of the Parliament of India, recently launched by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla?

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At Which Place India’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging station?

15 / 15

Who has been appointed as the new chief economic advisor (CEA) to the Government of India?


Competition Cosmos

To help Students Prepare for Competitive Exams in Simplest way Everyday we are Providing Competition Cosmos Booklets on topics of Indian History, Geography, Economy, Polity, National Movement, Basic General Knowledge, Sports, Current Events, Mental Ability, Quantitative aptitude, Basic Science.

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Competition Cosmos CLICK HERE

1 Astronomical unit is equal to 150,000,000kms, The celestial objects that twinkle in the night are Stars, The planet Venus appear to be in the constellation Taurus, The planet Mars is in the constellation Pisces, The planet Jupiter lies in the constellation Virgo, The sun lies in the constellation cancer, The planet Mercury lies in the constellation Leo, The brightest planet is Venus, The planet mercury is seen near the Horizon, The Planet mercury is visible in the west after the sunset, The planet Jupiter is visible slightly to the west of Zenith, The size of full moon is ½ degree, The red color of the planet Mars is due to the Iron Oxide on the soil, 1 degree is equal to 60(arc) minutes,

1 minute is equal to 60(arc) seconds, Venus in crescent phase has angular size of 64 arc seconds, Venus at gibbous phase has angular size of 10 arc seconds, The duration of Lunar eclipse is longer than that of the Solar eclipse, Solar eclipse occurs on the New moon day , Lunar eclipse occurs on the Full moon day, The time taken by the moon to cross the umbral region of the earth is called Duration of Lunar eclipse, The apparent daily motion of the celestial objects in the sky from east to west is called Diurnal motion, The star located in the direction of the axis of the earth in the northern direction is called Pole star, The star that does not show diurnal motion is Pole star, The pole star is visible from the Northern Hemisphere, The pole star is not visible from the Southern Hemisphere,

The pole star always appear in the same direction because the diameter of earth is smaller than the distance of pole star, The constellation saptharishi is also called Ursa Major, The orion nebula is located in the constellation Orion, The solar system is located in Milky way galaxy, The shape of Milky way galaxy is Spiral, The stars that are engulfed in the structure are called Nebula, The Indian name of Milky Way galaxy is Akashganga, The first two stars of the constellation are called Pointer stars, The visible stars in the sky are grouped into 88 constellations, A group of stars in the sky that form a regular pattern in the sky at night is called a Constellation.

The angle between the sun and the moon on a full moon day is 180 degree, The various phases of the moon are due to variation in the sunlit portion, If the sunlit portion is towards the earth the phase of the moon is Full moon, If the sunlit portion is not at all presented we have New moon phase, The full moon occurs once in 29 days due to movement of the earth, The moon remains in the horizon for 12 hours during a day, The zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts, A belt in the celestial sphere in which we find sun, the moon and the principal constellations is called Zodiac, The stars twinkle due to reflection of light, The brightness of the stars vary due to distance of them,

The period of revolution of the earth is 365 days, The period of rotation of earth is 24 hrs, The sun crosses the celestial equator 2 times in the course of a year, The biggest planet in the solar system is Jupiter, The planet nearest to the sun is Mercury, The constellation used to identify pole star is Ursa Major, The comet lies in the constellation Cassiopedia, The planet Saturn lies in the constellation Aquarious, A month in the Indian lunar calendar system is divided into 2 Pakshas

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