SSLC Exams 2023 : Most Probable Maths Application Problems with Solutions released

SSLC Exam 2023 : Maths Part 2 Most Probable Questions

SSLC Examinations 2023 are scheduled to be held from 31st March to 15th April 2023, SSLC Mathematics Exam is scheduled to be conducted on 3rd April 2023

SSLC Mathematics Question Paper consist of 38 Questions for 80 Marks (8 Multiple Choice Questions for 8 Marks, 8 Questions of 1 Marks each, 8 Questions of 2 Marks each, 9 Questions of 3 Marks each, 4 Questions of 4 Marks each and 1 Question of 5 Marks)

Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board (KSEAB) has released the Model Papers of SSLC Exam 2023, this year SSLC Maths Exam to be conducted for 100% Syllabus, the question paper consist of Questions from Knowledge, Understanding, Application and Skill Level,

As most of the students find bit difficulty in solving the Application level of Questions, Chapter wise Most Probable application questions along with step by step solutions are being provided for reference, Prepared by : Nagaraj Basavanareddy Hallikeri, Government High School, Hesarura, Mandaragi taluk, Gadag district 


Surface Area & volume CLICK HERE
Trigonometry CLICK HERE
Co-ordinate Geometry CLICK HERE
Triangles  CLICK HERE
Areas Related to Circles CLICK HERE
Linear Equations in 2 variables  CLICK HERE
Quadratic Equations CLICK HERE
Arithmetic Progression CLICK HERE
Applications of Trigonometry CLICK HERE

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