Step by Step Procedure to get Land Holding Certificate


Karnataka land holding certificate will be issued only if there is no difference of opinion related to its ownership and the concerned land should not belongs to Karnataka Government land or assigned land shouldn’t belonging to the Karnataka Government.


  • For selling or buying agriculture land on the occasional or regular basis.
  • Landholding certificate is necessary for getting the loan on the movable or immovable property.
  • This land holding certificate will saves the owner from the frauds and cheating.
  • Karnataka land holding certificate is saving the landholder from other court cases.
  • If the property tax is due then land holding certificate needs to be furnished with the respective officer for updating the land tax records.


  • Landholding certificate includes the data about the number of the owner of the land.
  • Land holding certificate consist the detail of the ownership or cultivation of land.
  • Karnataka land holding certificate gives the information about the physical location of land and its details
  • The details of landholder like the name of landholder, name of his/her father will also be included in the Land holding certificate.
  • Some landholding details that are the Khasra number will also updated in landholding certificate.
  • Type of land, total area and status of ownership details will also be updated in this document.


  • Application form
  • Land documents or Land Deed
  • Copy of RTC
  • Other land-related documents such as Trace map, etc.
  • Latest Revenue tax receipt
  • Identity Proof 
  • Address Proof: Ration card/ EPIC


Karnataka land holding certificate will be issued within 7 working days from the date of submission of application.


For processing Karnataka land holding certificate, a service charge of Rs.15 is collected.


Step 1: Applicant needs to visit the nearest Nemmadi Kendra to apply for Karnataka land holding certificate.

Step 2:  The applicant has to submit an application in approved format along with documents for land holding certificate at Nemmadi Kendra. Provide details of land such as Revenue Village Number, Name, Patta Number, Dag Number, Land Class, Area, Applicant details and Reason for applying the certificate.

Step 3: Pay the application fees to the Nemmadi Kendra operator for processing land holding certificate. Get acknowledgement slip with application number from Nemmadi Kendra operator. Keep this unique application number for further process.

Step 4: The request for land holding certificate will be processed online through Karnataka Revenue Department. Landholding certificate application status will be sent through SMS.

Step 5: The concerned authority means Tahasildar, will process the landholding certificate online only after successful verification, SRO will approve the landholding certificate request.

Once the request for a certificate is approved, a SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Once SRO approves the request, then the Karnataka land holding certificate will be issued from Nemmadi Kendra. Provide application number and get your land holding certificate.


Step 1: Visit the home page of the Karnataka Nada Kacheri website.

Step 2:  In the homepage, choose Online Application option. The page will take you to new page.

Step 3: In that new page enter your mobile number and press ‘Proceed’, that will redirect you to another page.

Step 4: Click on ‘New Request’ option, that dropdown a list of services from which you should select ‘Agri’.

Step 4: Click the option of land holding certificate and select the language in which you want your document should be issued.

Step 5: After selection, the application form for Karnataka land holding certificate will be publicized. You should enter the following details in the application.

  • Select the Jurisdiction Where the application is to be processed.
  • Applicant Name.
  • The application type and ID.
  • Residence details.
  • Total income from all the sources.
  • Reason that why you are applying for landholding certificate.
  • Rural and urban area details.

Step 6: Upon clicking on upload required to scan documents tap, you can upload all the prescribed documents. Then click on save option.

Step 7: You can pay the application fee online by a secured payment gateway.

Step 8: The payment can be made directly to the Government online account and subsequently the applicable fee will be transferred to concerned Treasury.

Step 9: After a successful payment, a receipt will be generated, and the task will be redirected to the concerned Tahasildar login.


Once the application for land holding certificate is submitted online and fees are paid, then concerned SRO will process the landholding certificate and issue the certificate. You can track your application status online by Karnataka Nadakacheri Portal.

Enter your application number and click on seek out option then landholding certificate application status will be displayed.


You can download and print digitally signed land holding certificate from the  Karnataka Nada Kacheri portal. Enter your application number and then press on submit button. After checking all the details in the certificate download and print Karnataka land holding certificate.