SSLC Exams 2023 : English Most Probable Essay topics

SSLC English

Karnataka State SSLC Second Language English Exam Question Consist of Question on Write an essay on any one of the following (Out of 3 topics the students are given choice to write an essay on any 1 topic), the Essay Question carry 4 Marks

A good essay builds on an interesting idea, developing the idea by adding layers, ensuring that the reader understands exactly what the writer of essay is trying to say, A good essay follows the basic structure of Introduction – Body – Conclusion 

The introductory paragraph and conclusion statement while writing an essay is very important and it must be given special attention because introductory paragraph and conclusion statement create an impression on the reader, as they being the starting and ending point of any essay.

An essay you write any topic can have multiple paragraphs but it is very important to make sure that the multiple paragraphs connect with each other to maintain a flow between them


Covid 19, National Integration, Global warming, Covid-19 precautions, Air pollution, Importance of sports and games,

Co-curricular activities in schools, Greener the world — happier the life, Cleanliness and hygiene, Save forests, save life, Water pollution, Disadvantages of mobile phones, Environmental pollution,

The festival you like most, Population Explosion in cities, Ban on Plastics, Uses of Internet, Environment, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Importance of Yoga, Online Classes

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