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SSLC Exam 2023 Second Language English most Probable Questions based on the SSLC Pariksha Siddate 2023 (Radio Programme 2023), The chapter Wise (Prose, Poetry, Supplementary Reading) Most Probable Questions been prepared based on the SSLC Pariksha Siddate (Radio Programme) 2023

Students of SSLC appearing for the Exams 2023 can refer these questions and plan their preparations for the upcoming Second Language English Exams scheduled to be held on 6th April 2023



  • Why do you think that Don Anselmo did not sell the trees in the orchard?
  • How can you say that Don Anselmo was a man of principles?
  • Americans and the Don Anselmo were generous in their own way. Give reasons
  • How can you say Dr B R Ambedkar had a great thirst for books?
  • Dr. B R Ambedkar was voracious reader. Justify.
  • Why did Nehru choose Dr. Ambedkar as the first Law Minister?
  • How did Mahatma Phule influence Ambedkar?
  • Why does Nehre describe Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as a symbol of revolt?
  • Why do you appreciate Smita?
  • What makes you to appreciate Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha?
  • Smita and her family had come to Bombay? Who did they stay with?
  • Anant was a talented boy, How to do you say?
  • Why the President of Russian Academy of Sciences summon Borok?
  • How, according to Borok, is survival of civilization threatened?
  • Why did the super Powers meet in Geneva?
  • According to Borok, scientists are the most practical people in the world, Explain
  • Why the poet say in the poem Calendars and clocks are useless in space.
  • The poet in the poem Off to outer Space tomorrow Morning says: Tea cups circling round me like the planets round the sun. Why does it happen only in space and not on earth?
  • Why does the poet in the poem Off to outer Space tomorrow Morning express loneliness in the space?
  • What are the hardships and challenges faced by Dicky Dolma?
  • Describe Dicky Dolma’s preparedness in achieving her dream of scaling the Mount Everest?
  • How did Dicky Dolma scale Mount Everest?
  • Life for Hanif in the beginning was never a smooth sail. Justify
  • How does the writer describe the ‘introvert’ Hanif? 
  • Hanif was a young man with varied talent and interest. Justify.


  • Satish Gujral became a great artist
  • Physical disability was no barrier to success to Satish’. Support this statement with few of Satish Gujral’s achievements
  • What are the achievements of Satish Gujral?
  • How did the bird inspire Satish?
  • Write the Summary of the Poem I am the Land


  • “Will you at least leave the door open?”
    a) Who did the speaker ask? 
    b) Why did the speaker want the door to be opened? 
    c) What reply did the speaker get? 
  • “If you do it I will make you the laughing stock of your school.”
    a) Who is the speaker? 
    b) Who does ‘you’ refer to? 
    c) What makes the speaker say so?
  • “It is disgraceful sleeping beside granny or mother.”
    a) Who made this statement? 
    b) Who slept beside his granny or mother? 
    c) Why did he sleep beside her? 
    d) Why did he think that this action was disgraceful?
  • “Your office room is very dusty and there may be scorpions behind your law books.”
    a) Who made this remark? 
    b) When did the speaker make this remark?
    c) Why did the speaker make this remark?
    d) What does it reveal about the speaker?
  • “There’s a girl by the tracks!” the voices cried out.
    a) Whose voices were they?
    b) What was the name the girl? 
    c) How did the girl happen to lay by the tracks?
  • “Sister, are you okay?” (Behanji aap thik hai?) But there was no response.
    a) Who asked this question? 
    b) Who does ‘sister’ refer to?
    c) Why couldn’t he get a response? 
    d) What does ‘response’ mean in the context?
  • “I think it is an astonishing thing that a stranger jumped off a train and risked his life for me.”
    a) Who is the ‘I’? 
    b) Who is the stranger? 
    c) Where was the speaker when these words were said?
  • “We are like bats trying to fly by day.”
    a) Who made this statement? 
    b) Who does ‘we’ refer to? 
    c) What does the statement mean in the context?
  • “There are limits to our patience, sir.”
    a) Who made this statement? 
    b) Who does ‘sir’ refer to? 
    c) When did the speaker say so?
  • “Discipline is a thing of the past, sir. It’s you or us.”
    a) Who does ‘you’ refer to? 
    b) When did the speaker say so? 
    c) What trait does it reveal about the speaker?
  • “We were crowded in the cabin, Not a soul would dare to sleep.”
    a. Who does ‘we’ refer to? 
    b. What does ‘dare’ mean? 
    c. Why was it so?
  • “Tis a fearful thing in winter, To be shattered by the blast.”
    a. What is ‘a fearful thing’ referred to?
    b. How did it affect the sailors?
    c. What does ‘shatter’ mean? Ans: To break apart.
  • “We are lost! the captain shouted,
    a. What does ‘We’ refer to? 
    b. Why did the captain say this?
    c. How did captain’s daughter react to the situation?
  • “Isn’t God upon the ocean just the same as on the land?”
    a) Who asked this question? 
    b) Who was it said to? 
    c) What does it mean?


  • Summary of Poem Grandma Climbs a tree
  • Summary of Poem Jazz Poem two

SSLC 2nd Language English Most Probable Questions for Exam 2023, Prepared by Suresh Surya, GHS, Patna, Kolar District


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