Ministry of Education released guidelines for registration & regulation of coaching centers

Ministry of Education released guidelines for regulation of coaching centers

Ministry of Education, Government of India has released the Guidelines for Registration and Regulation of Coaching Center 2024.

As per the provisions of the guidelines released the a person shall impart coaching or establish, run, manage or maintain a coaching center, only with prior registration of such coaching center,

Application for the registration of coaching center shall be made to the competent authority within whose local jurisdiction such coaching center is situated, in such form, with such fees and documents as may be specified by the appropriate government, The period of validity of the registration certificate shall be decided by the appropriate government, unless cancelled earlier for any reason

Every registered coaching center shall apply for renewal of registration certificate to the competent authority two months prior to the date of expiry of such registration, in such form, with such fees and documents, Appropriate Government shall create a web-portal/online mechanism to facilitate the registration of Coaching Center in faceless manner with minimum human interface

No coaching center shall engage tutors having qualification less than graduation, enroll student below 16 years of age or the student enrolment should be only after secondary school examination, coaching center shall have a website with updated details of the qualification of tutors, courses / curriculum, duration of completion, hostel facilities (if any), and the fees being charged,

Within the basic structure of the coaching center, a minimum one square meter area may be allocated for each student during a class / batch, The coaching center building shall adhere to fire safety codes, building safety codes and other standards and shall obtain a Fire and Building Safety Certificate from the appropriate authorities,

The coaching center may be suitably fitted with CCTV cameras wherever required and security shall be well maintained, Provision of separate toilets for males and females shall be made within the coaching center building premises

The coaching center should maintain and produce such records, accounts, registers, or other documents, as may be prescribed by the appropriate government, for more details CLICK HERE