Climate Science Olympiad 2023 Registrations open

Climate Science Olympiad 2023

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The registrations are open for the Climate Science Olympiad 2023, The student competition to find solutions to climate change. If you are ready to step into the shoes of world leaders? then register for the for the Climate Science Olympiad 2023, which is conducted under 16s, 17-19, and 20-25 years old age brackets 

It is to be noted regardless of age, the participants compete in the same qualifiers and answer the same type of problem statements, Each participant score the three brackets independently and normalize scores within each

It is an opportunity to represent your country in the largest Climate Olympiad in the world that saw more than 55,000 students participate from over 190 countries in the Climate Science Olympiad 2022

Interested and Eligible candidates can register for the Climate Science Olympiad 2023 by 10th June 2023, The Participants must be comfortable with at least one of the following 12 languages English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese,Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Polish, Dutch

Climate Science Olympiad 202 3 Winners will also get a chance to speak at the Award Ceremony, hopefully, scheduled to be conducted at COP28, for more details and register CLICK HERE