ATL Marathon 2023-24: National Level Innovation Challenge for Students in Class 6 to 12 announced

ATL Marathon 2023-24

ATL Marathon 2023-24 is a national-level innovation challenge spearheaded by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, UNICEF, and other stakeholder, the ATL Marathon 2023-24 competition is aimed at young innovators who can address community issues and create working prototypes of innovative solutions, the theme for ATL Marathon 2023-24 is India’s 75th Republic Day

The ATL Marathon is Atal Innovation Mission’s flagship innovation challenge, where schools identify community problems of their choice and develop innovative solutions in the form of working prototypes. ATL Marathon 2023-24 want the students of India to choose any of the below problem statements or work on a problem that they find around themselves, research, ideate, innovate and implement a solution for it

All Students (from ATL and Non-ATL schools) can submit their entries in the Marathon, The Innovations by the student teams must be aligned to one of the Themes of the ATL Marathon 2023-24, Each team must select one Problem Statement,

There is no limit on how many teams from a school can participate, Each Team shall consist of a maximum of 3 students (class 6th to 12th) and one ATL incharge/ School Teacher (must be an employee of the ATL School), Last date to participate is 26th January 2024

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