Applications invited for Khadim ul Hujjaj (KuH) for Haj 2023

Khadim ul Hujjaj (KuH) for Haj 2023

Online applications are invited by the Haj Committee of India (HCI) for the Khadim ul Hujjaj (KuH) for Haj 2023,

Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) play a very important and supportive role for Haj pilgrims at various stages of Haj pilgrimage.

Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) are selected and deputed from all States and Union Territories  in terms of norms of Haj Committee of India (HCoI) duly approved by Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA). Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH)shall be selected in the ratio of 1 Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) for 300 pilgrims to take care of the pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage. Female candidates can also apply as Khadim-ul-Hujjaj. However, their selection shall be in proportion to the number of Ladies without Mehram applicants of the State

The allocation for States, where Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH)s are more than 10, shall be reduced by 33%. The Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) have to assist the Consulate General of India, Jeddah (CGI) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to look after the welfare of Haj pilgrims in an organized manner,

To serve the Haj pilgrims effectively it is necessary that full quota of Khadim-ul-Hujjaj for Haj 2023 is utilized. 50% of the expenditure on the KuH shall be borne by HCol and the rest 50% shall be borne by respective State / UT Haj Committees (SHCs)


Interested and Eligible Candidates who are desirous to be selected as Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) have to submit the online application  & upload all the requisite documents as specified in the application form, Candidate should have machine readable valid Indian international passport issued on or before 20th March 2023 and valid at least upto 3rd February 2024, Male 1 Female applicants whose age does not exceed 50 years as on 30th April 2023


The last date for submission of online application for Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) is 10th April 2023


Applicants deputed to CGI, Jeddah as Khadim-ul-Hujjaj for Haj-2022 or more than twice in his / her career will not be eligible, A KuH should be physically fit and active so as to be able to look after the pilgrims and to support the Haj operations

A KuH must be fluent in the language of the pilgrims that they shall be dealing with. Knowledge of other Indian languages is useful. Knowledge of Arabic shall be desirable, Applicants, who have already performed either Haj or Umrah, will only be eligible to apply for KuH for Haj 2023, It is compulsory for the selected Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) to attend the Training program organized by HCoI for Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH), failing which their selection shall be cancelled.

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the employer must be submitted by the applicants, No family member would be allowed to accompany a KuH on Haj pilgrimage


Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH)have to travel with the pilgrims from the respective State / Union Territories, No Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH)shall be allowed to travel separately. Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) has to travel with the same pilgrims in the outbound and inward flight.

Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) has to assist and guide the pilgrims during their journey and stay in KSA, Every Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) has to be in continuous and regular contact with the pilgrims assigned to him/her, whose names and other details shall be duly entered in his / her Register, The period of stay of Khadim-ul-Hujjaj (KuH) in K.S.A. shall be treated as duty period and necessary entries may be done by their parent departments in their service records.


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